Platinum's fifth reveal will be 'smaller in scale' but fans will dig it


Probably not another April Fool’s gag

PlatinumGames has expanded a little on its teasing fifth reveal, which was added to the “Platinum4” website. The Bayonetta developer notes that the mystery announcement is definitely “smaller in scale” than the studio’s previous reveals but is something that the fans “will get a kick out of”.

“We want to reveal it at the right time, but what we can say at the moment is that this was always intended as the ‘Platinum Four,’ so I think that the expectations should be for something extra,” said Platinum co-founder Hideki Kamiya in a VGC interview. “That being said, this is something that we’ve had in the works for a while.”

“We wanted to get this out a little sooner, but then the coronavirus happened, which I know is a common excuse, but we hope that when we can start talking about it, it will bring a smile to our fans’ faces and we’ll get a good reaction like, ‘ah, we love those Platinum guys!’”

It sounds like maybe we should all temper our expectations just a little for the incoming announcement, which follows previous reveals of The Wonderful 101 Remastered, Kamiya’s own kaiju fighter Project G.G., the new Platinum studio in Tokyo, and April Fool’s gag Sol Cresta. Frankly, I don’t think we’re looking at a Bayonetta 3 launch date, but hopefully – whatever the surprise turns out to be – it will be a neat addition to the Platinum oeuvre.

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