Play a better game within Homefront: The Revolution


Playable TimeSplitters 2 Easter egg

Sure, Homefront: The Revolution doesn’t seem like it’s any good. I don’t have anything to complete that compliment sandwich with. It’s a bullshit term, anyways. Since when do you order sandwiches solely by bread? Or when are either pieces of bread different? Are you supposed to repeat the same bit of praise twice? Yeah, can I get a mortadella with sourdough on top and Dutch crunch on the bottom?

Actually, forget the mortadella, put some ciabatta in the middle, since the middle part’s supposed to be the bad part. Just give me three pieces of bread stacked on one another because I can’t deal with shit like a normal person and misunderstand how sandwiches work. Fuck ciabatta bread and fuck your compliment sandwich. It is structurally unsound and hardly even a sandwich.

Ok, so our old pal Jim Sterling gave Homefront: The Revolution a 1/10 and all the other reviews I’ve seen aren’t that much higher? Well, at least there are some Easter eggs that have not gone rancid.

See, look. At least they hid two levels of a good game in the bad game! Yep, you can play a couple full TimeSplitters 2 level within Homefront: The Revolution. Too bad Crytek won’t make another TimeSplitters.