PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: Tips for survival & winning a chicken dinner


Quick and dirty Guide and FAQ

Are you craving the same thing the D-team are?

Do you want that chicken dinner? Those chicken tendies or them chicken nuggies? Well I’m gonna help you get that delicious bird-turned-meal. How you ask? There’s a saying that goes something along the lines of: “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man how to properly survive and kill in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds; he’ll be fed another day, but with chicken.” I don’t really remember what the actual saying was, but with these tips, a little practice, and some luck – they’ll be calling you the next Colonel Sanders.

How to parachute as fast as possible and where for beginners

Hitting the ground first could be the deciding factor on whether you live or die within the first few minutes of the game. As a number of other people could have the same original and ingenious idea you had, such as parachuting out at the military base.

So to hit the dirt first like a screeching pissed off eagle and be the first to potentially find yourself a weapon, as soon as you press F to eject from the airplane, you’re going to want to immediately point the camera towards the ground and hold down W. You can also free-look around to see other potential players by holding down Alt and moving the mouse around, without changing your direction while free-falling.

This will allow you to fall at the fastest possible speed, which is 234km/h. Best yet, going at this speed makes it so you open your parachute closer to the ground as well.

If you or your squad are new to the game and not familiar with the major land marks, my best advice would be to wait for the plane to reach the other end of the island from its original trajectory. This way when you land, the worst thing you may have to put up with are random AFK players and the odd straggler who might still be loading into the game. While the majority of other players in most cases are on the other end of the island, giving you some ample time to prep and find decent gear.

Looting and increasing general efficiency

A lot of new players tend to pick up items by pressing F towards things on the ground, which at times can lead to you accidentally picking up things you may not want – and in turn – wasting time throwing them out of your inventory or swapping with other things.

My killer Waldo outfit is complete.

What I recommend doing instead, is pressing the Tab key. This will then bring up your inventory and a screen on the left hand side, showing all the items on the ground in the near vicinity. Which you can sort through and equip at your leisure in a much easier manner than randomly hitting F at stuff on the ground.

The only time I’d ever recommend pressing F at items on the ground is during a fire fight or if you absolutely know somebody is close by. To further increase efficiency, you can also right click various items and attachments to equip them, as opposed to dragging and dropping them.

Fast is fine, but accuracy is final.” – Wyatt Earp (film)

Which in PUBG’s case, still holds up true. In terms of loot, a good scope is king. Regardless of rifle types, finding that perfect 4x or 8x scope can make all the difference in a fire fight and help you get the drop on your enemies much easier.

As for various rifle types outside of sniper rifles such as the AWM, SKS, VSS, and M24. The AKM is wildly regarded as the best in the game in terms of raw power, but has heavy recoil and uses a less common ammo type, but it’s still my recommended go-to all purpose weapon.

In my experience, a sniper rifle usually only downs a player 1 shot less than your typical assault rifle. With that said, always be sure you’re using single shot fire with an assault rifle at long range. I’d only ever recommend using full-auto or burst-fire (depending on the weapon) inside buildings or up-close.

While aiming, be sure to also use the shift-key when going for long range. It will steady your aim and mimics holding your breath, all while giving you slightly more zoom as well. You can also swap shoulder views by clicking and holding down your right mouse button, then tap Q or E to switch views.

This can be immensely helpful, especially when hiding behind trees or cover and getting just the right angle you want.

Reload (no, not theMetallicaalbum)

Of course, once you’ve found a weapon and some ammo along side it, always make sure you reload the weapon. You’d be surprised how many people I’ve seen pick up random weapons and ammo, equip it as their side arm, and never make sure to reload the weapon. Then of course they get into a fire fight and switch to that weapon, suddenly they’re stuck in a reload animation and get their dome cleaned out.

Head protection is important, but so is covering your face and rear

Finding a helmet for yourself is very important, whether it’s a level 1 motorcycle helmet or level 2 army helmet. Despite this, most people make the mistake of thinking the helmet will protect your entire head. But in reality, your face is still exposed. If you get hit or shoot someone in the face with level 1 or 2 helmet, the game will still treat it like there isn’t anything there. Level 1-2 helmets will only protect the back, side, and top of your head.

Hence why the level 3 helmet is the king of loot when it comes to body armor. The level 3 helmet comes with a welder-like face mask, protecting your entire head. Giving you the edge in any fire fight for sure.

However one other nifty tool you can find, that in my opinion becomes king of loot when it comes to melee weapons, is the frying pan.

The frying pan protects in a number of ways, taking only two direct hits to KO an enemy, making it a valuable melee weapon. The frying pan will also deflect gunfire, so having it simply equipped could potentially protect you from gunfire coming behind you. Making it without a doubt the absolute go-to melee weapon in the game.

Sound is key

Having a decent pair of headphones in PUBG will make a world of difference. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve located someone in a house, simply because I could hear exactly where they were. Or pin-pointing which direction gunfire was coming from in the distance. So if you’ve got a good pair of headphones, be sure to crank the audio.

I immediately heard him hit the ground.

Or if you’re like me and can’t stand listening to people in the lobby or plane at the start of each game, you can simply press Ctrl+T to mute voice chat in the game entirely. Just be sure to re-enable it once the match actually begins and you’re parachuting out, for those moments when people whine at you after killing them. (All I heard from the guy above before he disconnected was “OH BULLSHIT!”)

Healing yourself properly

I’ve seen plenty of people waste their first-aid and med kits after surviving a fire fight early in the game, when in reality you should be saving them for those final and crucial moments of the match, when you’re within the last few players and the circle is growing smaller.

If you’re pretty badly injured after a fire fight early in the game and have bandages, always simply take the time to find cover and use those instead. Save any energy drinks or pills you find for recovering that last 25% of health as well, if need be.

Staying close to the circle and how to survive those final crucial moments

I’ve seen so many people aimlessly dart for the center of the circle as the game starts in an attempt to find a good place to camp out. But in my experience, the best strategy is hugging that circle like you hug your friends; For as long as possible and until they’re really uncomfortable. Just like you soon will be, with the blue radiation closing in behind you.

Surviving those final crucial moments before the chicken dinner is without a doubt the biggest challenge in the game. When the circle is extremely small and closing in, the blue radiation zone will kill you in only a few moments. So always be aware of your surroundings and watch the timer for that blue radiation. Always be sure to move to a different position as well after taking any shots, you don’t want the enemy knowing where you are, always keep them guessing.

Remaining calm and patient will be key here, most players in PUBG I’ve found during these final moments won’t be. Let them begin to panic as the blue closes in and come out of cover in a mad attempt to run-and-gun at you. Remain prone and hidden as much as you can and when that time comes, take your shot and earn yourself that chicken dinner and be a winner winner.