The PlayStation Holiday Sale kicks off today with deals on Deathloop, Village, True Colors, and more


Stock up on the year’s heaviest hitters for PlayStation

We’re finally here, at the tail end of the year 2021. It’s been a year with a lot of stories, and quite a lot of games. So the PlayStation Holiday Sale is here to offer one more opportunity to nab some of the year’s best for a discounted price.

The Holiday Sale kicks off today and runs through Jan. 19, putting discounts on games both new and old. The list runs a pretty good gamut; you’ll find some of our own GOTY contenders from this year on the lineup, including DeathloopResident Evil Village, and It Takes Two.

Of course, a few surprises are on the list too. Life is Strange: True Colors is still one that’s sitting with me, months after seeing the credits roll. And if you’re eager to learn what the deal with Alan Wake is, the new remaster is on sale.

It’s a pretty similar list to the PlayStation Store’s Game Awards sale, but if you missed out on any of the year’s biggest games, it’s a nice way to catch up without breaking the bank. And honestly, if you haven’t played Fallen Order yet, picking that up for a measly $12 is a no-brainer.

A few highlights from the PlayStation Holiday Sale list:

Find the full list over here on the PlayStation Store. And enjoy the holidays!