PlayStation stars invade reality in fun 'It's Time to Play' commercial


Do Not Attempt

PlayStation has released a celebration of its wares with a fun new commercial that features many iconic video game characters invading the real world, bringing their respective brands of mayhem to high street locations.

The one-minute “It’s Time to Play” TV ad includes a Monster Hunter encounter at a fast-food joint, Cloud Strife rumbling in the library, Kratos smashing through some boy’s bathroom, the Fortnite bus making a drop off and, hilariously, Crash Bandicoot kart-racing through a multi-story car park which actually features the disclaimer “Dramatization. Do Not Attempt.” Folks, I just report it.

Horizon‘s Aloy, The Last of Us star Ellie and Uncharted‘s Nathan Drake also put in an appearance. All of this chaos is back by the Kaiser Chiefs’ 2005 hit single “I Predict a Riot” as players and player characters converge to take over the city and overthrow the government (well, maybe I’m assuming that last bit).

PS4 “It’s Time to Play” promotional video [Gematsu]