PlayStation VR bundles are on sale again


The standalone headset is $200

Sony has brought back a round of discounts on PlayStation VR bundles that are worth a look.

The two main bundles come with PlayStation VR 2.0, which is what you’ll likely want to go for if you’ve held off this long. The revised model has HDR pass-through (so you don’t have to fuss with any cables if you use an HDR-capable display) and a better-placed headphone jack and audio controls.

  • PlayStation VR + PS Camera + DOOM VFR ($299.99) (Regularly $399.99)
  • PlayStation VR + PS Camera + two Move controllers + Skyrim VR ($349.99) (Regularly $449.99)

Additionally, Sony will offer the standalone PSVR headset for just $200.

These deals run from Sunday, February 18 through Saturday, March 3 at participating US retailers.

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