Please vote for 'appear offline' in Sony's new PS4 feature poll


It’s long overdue

A new poll has appeared in the wild for PS4 owners, hinting at what might be coming in update 4.0. Some features you can vote for include PS2 classics, “appear offline” mode, deleting items from your library, changing your PSN ID (why isn’t this just…available?) and custom backgrounds.

I have to admit, voting for PS2 classics is tempting, but I’m willing to bet that Sony would support it for a few months and then completely abandon it if it doesn’t net a 1000% profit. As such, it’s clearly safer to go for some of the smaller implementations like folders, or of course, my personal favorite, “appear offline,” a feature Microsoft has provided for years along with the ability to change your Gamertag.

Like for all of my call to arms posts, I’ll take full credit if “appear offline” gets implemented, and you’ll have my thanks. I’m definitely taking credit for pushing Darkwing Duck into a tie for first place with Mabel in the Disney Infinity poll!

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