PLEX for Good: EVE Online players can donate to the Nepal earthquake relief fund, too


PLEX writes checks

Doing good sometimes has a domino effect. That’s the case with contributions to the Nepal earthquake fund. First, the Far Crydevs started matching donations. Then, Bungie sold t-shirts to help the cause. Now, CCP’s hyper-warping its ships to offer some relief.

CCP just fired up another PLEX for Good drive in which players can donateEVE Online‘s in-game subscription currency. For each PLEX received, CCP will chip in $15 to the Icelandic Red Cross to fund their efforts in Nepal. Players who want to help just need to contract one or more PLEX to the CCP PLEX for GOOD character on a 14-day contract.

This isn’t the first time that CCP’s given its players an outlet to help. The PLEX for Good program has raised more than $340,000 for aid related to natural disasters. The most recent drive resulted in donations of almost $200,000 for the Filipino people in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan in November 2013.

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