Pocket Rumble hits Switch soon and Kickstarter backers are getting a free copy


Minimalist fighter launching by the end of July

Nintendo Switch owners will soon get to test their mettle in Cardboard Robot Games’ two-button Neo Geo Pocket Color-inspired fighter Pocket Rumble. The port is done at long last, and it’s currently expected to launch “between now and the end of July,” with a precise release date still undetermined.

As a gesture of goodwill, the studio is giving Kickstarter backers a free copy of Pocket Rumble on Switch to go along with their existing Steam Early Access version. (Find instructions here.)

“In the meantime, our focus will be on developing new content to add to the Steam version of Pocket Rumble,” said Cardboard Robot Games. “So Pocket Rumble on Steam will remain in Early Access. And that might sound unusual, but what that means is that we can constantly update the Steam release with new content [like bosses] that we want to test over the upcoming months while the Switch version stays the same. Then when all of our upcoming content is complete the Switch version will receive a big update all at once and the Steam version will officially leave Early Access.”

The Switch eShop library has filled out, but I think there’s absolutely still room for Pocket Rumble to make a splash despite its later-than-expected arrival on the system. It looks so fab in motion.

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