Podtoid wonders why Mortal Kombat was left out of EVO


Podtoid 432

Unfortunately, Podtoid tapes early in the morning on Sunday (for me). So I can’t make this post all about how happy I am Parasitemade history last night because we just don’t talk about it on the show. Instead, I’m focusing on what we do talk about on the show: Mortal Kombat 11. With the EVO 2020 line-up announced, the best-selling fighter will have to sit this year out. But could that be for the better?

That’s just one of the topics CJ, Chris, Dan, and Charlotte talk about on this episode of Podtoid. In addition to the MK snub, the crew touches on Tales from the Borderlands, Code Shifter, and the shift in tone for Rainbow Six:Siege. All that, plus how not to give a fake name to cops, on Podtoid Episode 432.

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