Pokémon just released an adorable Piplup ASMR video


Lull me to sleep, little guy

Just when we thought we’d seen it all, Pokémon’s official Japanese YouTube channel went and released a thirty-minute ASMR video of Piplup giggling, singing, and snoring, among other things. Pokémon and ASMR isn’t a combination I think anyone outright asked for, but man, does it make for a good one.

The video is set in a cozy bedroom, where Piplup is heard and then adorably rolls into frame. The precious penguin boy then proceeds to play and flop about for a while, even at one point throwing a toddler-like tantrum, and subsequently falls asleep on the bed.

A lot of the appeal of Pokémon comes from imagining that we get to hang out with these cute little critters all day, and this video certainly delivers on that. By the looks of it, they’d be like normal pets in terms of providing entertainment via cuteness, but I can imagine Piplup would somehow be more annoying than my cat when things don’t go his way. That’s alright, we still love him no matter what.

This video in particular is actually the newest installment in a playlist on the Pokémon YouTube channel specifically focused on Piplup, where fans can watch him partake in various activities with other Pokémon, like playing a game of soccer with Raboot, or a game of musical chairs with Pikachu and Eevee. If you’re a fan of those giant fuzzy Pikachu costumes, you’re in for a treat, because most of the videos in the playlist are live-action and feature a Piplup costume of an identical style.

I was skeptical of ASMR at first, but now I actually use them to fall asleep and relax pretty often. Knowing that there’s a whole category of loveable Pokémon-themed videos out there really opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Here’s to hoping the next one features Vulpix!