Pokemon Go datamined, and where are the legendaries?


I hope Mewtwo isn’t a ‘cities only’ event

If you’ve been playingPokémon Go all day and night, you may have noticed a few creatures that are impossible to find — Mew, Mewtwo, Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, and….Ditto?

Any information about them is pure speculation, with fans noting that legendary birds might be tied to your team (Moltres for Valor, and so on), forcing players to use the eventual trade function (which hints that they might come in tandem). Mewtwo was very clearly featured in a “raid” in New York City in another ad, allowing players to capture him after he’s defeated, but Mew and Ditto? That’s anyone’s guess.

And you know what? That mysterious element (outside of the mystery of customer support) is part of what makes Goso unique — just like the original series, that spawned all those “truck” and “Up+A” rumors. But for those of you who need to know, Pokémon Fortress is on the case. They’ve datamined the game and found out things like the possible level cap (40), that each monster has its own capture and flee rate, and that all eggs cap out at 20, and all creatures cap at 30.

Fortress notes that none of this is 100% confirmed and is subject to change (the cap might be increased before anyone reaches it, for example), but it’s interesting nonetheless. You can compare this to some info datamined earlier this month in the video below.

I really don’t know what to make of this. Once someone reaches 40 we’ll know for sure, and a lot of this can probably be chalked up as a rumor for now, but much of it aligns with my experiences.

BIG NEWS – Pokémon GO Updates (GREAT INFO!) [Pokémon Fortress]

  • The Trainer Level Cap is 40.
  • Egg’s cap at Level 20, so if you get an Egg at Level 37 it’ll still hatch at the same quality as if you were level 20.
  • Wild Pokemon cap at Level 30, meaning after Level 30 everyone will find the same max CP Pokemon and it’ll be a matter of spending the candy and stardust to upgrade them to your level’s cap based on their CP arc.
  • There is an achievement/badge rank above gold.
  • Curveballs and Accurate Throws (Nice, Great, Etc) help with the capture chance of a Pokeball throw.
  • There may be future Incubators that reduce the amount of kilometers needed before they hatch.
  • Moves have an Accuracy and a Critical Hit Rate.
  • Each unique Pokemon has it’s own Capture and Flee rate.
  • Move Damage may go up with Trainer Level.
  • Pokemon become harder to catch as you level up.
  • Mewtwo, Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno are Legendary.
  • Mew is Mythic.
  • The Charge Meter is filled 0.5 for each 1 HP of damage dealt.
  • To level from 39 to 40 takes five million experience, and going from 1 to 40 takes twenty million.
  • Pokemon have a base Attack, Defense and Stamina (HP) – thus they do not have a Attack and Special Attack stat like in the 3DS games.
  • Dragonite has the strongest base attack for non-legends, at 250.
  • Mewtwo has a base attack of 284.
  • Moltres has the highest base attack of the three legendary birds.
  • Articuno has the highest base defense of the three.
  • Zapdos is almost as high as Moltres in base attack but is likely lower due to Type Advantage.
  • Pokemon have an evolution modifier and an HP modifier. When the Pokémon evolves, both CP and HP go up a set multiplier.
  • Defending Pokemon at a Gym attack the player’s Pokémon every 1.5 seconds.
  • The Master Ball is in the game.
  • The Legendary Pokemon do have a spawn rate, but no capture rate.
  • STAB is present in the game, giving a 25% Bonus to an attack move.