Pokemon Go is bringing the 'Legendary Lunch Hour' event back this week


It runs for one hour on April 10

Last month Niantic “experimented” with a Pokemon Go event they called the Legendary Lunch hour, which basically beefed up the amount of five-star raids for a brief period on March 13.

It’s a pretty genius idea all told, as it gets people out at the same time and moving around again, just like the early days of Go, with meaningful loot to boot. It’s short, sure, but the game really needed these kinds of things sooner than later.This time it’ll run on Wednesday, April 10, from 12PM to 1PM “in your local time zone,” and the five-star raids will return on top of Origin Forme Giratina.

Niantic maintains that these events are still “experiments,” and that even though every player can’t participate, they’ll try to cater to “different play styles.” That’s pretty much always how they’ve done things: slow and easy, while trucks of money are coming in.

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