Pokemon Go is out in Japan, God save us all


Whelp, forget about server reliability

So uh….a short while ago Niantic noted that it “wouldn’t launch Pokémon Go” in a ton of regions (including Japan) until it got a handle on the servers. So of course the game was released in Japan last night.

As was previously suggested, it is confirmed that this rollout comes in tandem with a McDonalds sponsorship deal, which could be a harbinger for other regions (“grab Mew at Burger King today!”). Japanese officials are already warning people to not use their real names as handles when playing, to bring battery packs for emergencies, and to not die from heatstrokes. In just a few hours, someone was taken to a hospital after they fell down the stairs playing it. Anything can happen!

Picture above — Japan’s online infrastructure melting in real time. Pictured below, Japanese players are already getting creative.

Pokemon Go [Niantic via BBC]

がんばれ阪急電車#ポケモンGO #プラレール pic.twitter.com/c07P4kcTCC

— かわじり( ´_ゝ`) (@kyawakkey) July 22, 2016