Pokemon Go's Easter event kicks off today until April 20


Hatch better eggs

Since many millions of users still play Pokemon Goevery month, odds are you’re still following its events, even if it’s from a cursory standpoint.

The next one celebrates Easter, and from today starting at 1:00 PM PT until April 20 at the same time, you’ll get a “greater variety of Pokemon” from 2 km eggs. You’ll also get more candy from eggs, double XP in general, and lucky eggs are 50% off on the marketplace.

As a sort of tip, you can get quad-XP if you use a lucky egg — so if you’ve plateaued and haven’t found the will to play in a while (or you’ve been saving up a ton of evolutions to use with a lucky egg), now is the time.

Eggstravaganza [Pokemo Go]