Pokemon Go's July community day features Mudkip


Ah the lovable Mudkip

Mudkip is just one of those Pokemon you can’t get away from. Whether it’s a meme here and there or a random picture of the anime, Mudkip pops in more than the average creature on the internet.

Niantic seemingly knows this, as Mudkip is the entire center of the next Pokemon Gocommunity day, bound for July 21. The gist is that you’ll get a better chance of nabbing him on that day, which also doubles as a sort of community gathering event to get everyone playing Goagain. It’ll run from 4PM to 7PM (whatever your local time is) on that day.

In the past community days were generally held from 3-6PM local time, but they’re shifting a bit due to requests from players. A lot of folks in regions where it gets dark early (roughly 5PM) aren’t keen on the changes, as the community day will take place almost entirely at night. It’ll be interesting to see how Niantic pivots, but I think the stingy three hour window is the main problem: just let it run the entire day?