Pokemon Go's trainer battles are getting an overhaul


Now they might actually be decent

Trainers, two feature revamps are coming to Pokémon GO! We are rolling out an updated appraisal system to give you more detailed information on your Pokémon’s stats, and will soon be updating the Charged Attack mechanic in Trainer Battles. Watch for a preview! pic.twitter.com/0MaIjrxx8f

— Niantic Support (@NianticHelp) July 15, 2019

The fairly underwhelming PvP mechanics of Pokemon Go are set to receive an overhaul today. In a new update from Niantic’s support account, a short trailer detailing some of the updates to Go’s “Trainer Battles” was pushed out and it seems to be good news. Instead of continuously tapping like your finger is on fire, charge attacks will be getting changed to rhythmic swiping. Now some honest to god skill will be involved, which is better for everyone.

As well as that, Niantic will be updating the appraisal system that Pokemon Go has. Currently, IVs (a.k.a. Individual Values) are obscured but will be switching over to separate progress bars that will turn red when full. In-battle, you’ll even be able to switch monsters with a quick tap instead of trudging through clunky menus. It sounds like a net positive all-around.

The updated PvP is currently available in the US and will be making its way to other regions in the coming weeks. Both the Android and iOS versions should have the update available, though you may need to manually update the application.

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