PSA: There's a new Pokemon Legends free item code



If you’re looking for a Pokemon Legends: Arceus free item code you’ve come to the right place! THX4Y0URHELP is now live. The code, delivered on Twitter, comes hot off the heels of “ARCEUSADVENTURE,” which was just announced via the recent Pokemon livestream.

As a reminder, the Pokemon Legends free item code ARCEUSADVENTURE will grant players:

  • 30 Ultra Balls
  • 30 Gigaton Balls
  • 30 Jet Balls

THX4Y0URHELP provides:

  • Five Grit Pebbles
  • Five Rare Candies
  • Five Star Pieces

The former code is live until March 31 at 23:59 UTC, and the latter expires on March 31 at 14:59 UTC. To redeem them, you just need to go to the menu (up d-pad), then head to the mystery gift portion under communications, select mystery gift, and “get with code/password.” Then put both codes in. The Japanese Nintendo site has a nifty guide with images that don’t even require a translation.

This is all on top of the current GameStop US distribution (that is happening in Europe in certain stores until April 4), which is still going on. So there’s a few decent ways to get free stuff in Pokemon Legends, and two of them involve never setting foot in a store. Hopefully we’ll get more support for Legends down the line, because the base game makes some great strides for the series.




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