Pokemon Shuffle is getting new stages, a Giratina event


Still not excited to come back

Pokemon Shufflejust got an update that makes it slightly less sleazy, but it’s still predicated on spending currency to get more Hearts — because of that strict limitation and low return rate for energy, I likely won’t be returning anytime soon. For those of you who still play, there’s a lot coming up next week. A Giratina event will run from June 8 until June 22. It will get more difficult the more you play it, and the rewards will increase in value.

As for new stages, more are coming this Monday — they will take place in the Pedra Valley, and will include Garbodor, Doublade, and Conkeldurr. There’s also three new Expert stages. Not a bad update! I just wish the Heart limit was increased to 10 or something thereabouts.

Pokemon Shuffle [Sererbii]