Pokemon Unite just got its first official tournament in Japan


I can’t get ‘Pokemon…UNITE!’ out of my head

Pokemon Unite is still chugging along with some low key updates, and high key character additions (like Blastoise recently). It’s also entering the mobile fray this month, at which point the playerbase will skyrocket with new blood. But right above it, developer TiMi Studio Group and The Pokemon Company are planning the first big post-launch Pokemon Unite tournament.

It’s going to be held on September 19 (Japan time), and “entry acceptance” starts today, provided you fill out this form. Note that a grasp of the Japanese language is required, as you’ll need to coordinate with tournament organizers, as well as chat over a Discord channel created for the event itself.  You also need to be 16 years or older (if you’re under 20 you need a guardian to consent), and of course, have a Switch.

The team is going to take entries from today through September 13, though that period might be “shortened” if they fill the cap of 256 worthy entrants before that time. If more than 256 qualify for the Pokemon Unite tournament, then a “lottery” will be held to narrow it down. Yikes! That’s so much pressure.

As far as broadcasting goes exact plans haven’t been provided, but entrants are allowed to record and distribute footage, so long as it falls within the guidelines they provide; and it has a delay of five minutes or more on a stream.

Good luck if you decide to join in. I hope your tri-level 30-held-item Lucario wrecks.