Pokemon Unite's Blissey patch finally nerfs eject button (Update)


Here’s the full vague notes

[Update: So the Pokemon Unite patch is live now, and over on the Japanese site, the notes are a little less vague. The eject button has been nerfed for an “increased cooldown,” with several other items [fluffy tail, X-Attack] getting “strengthened,” and goal-getter having a reduced cooldown. You can find the improved notes here. Blissey costs 8,000 coins, or 460 gems.]

Pokemon Unite has had a few major lingering talking points since launch: Zapdos and held items are the big ones. But beyond that forest there’s a bunch of annoying trees, namely the fact that at high ranks, just about every player takes the eject button (teleport battle item). That might change as of this new patch, which was revealed after Blissey’s announcement.

So first things first, the eject button was vaguely nerfed, and we’ll see soon enough when the Blissey patch hits whether or not it’s still the de facto item. Since the goal-getter, fluffy tail, and X attack battle items were buffed, it might help.

From a character standpoint, Crustle, and Garchomp were buffed, while Snorlax (one of the kings of tanks) was nerfed across the board, with his two most-picked talents getting stat decreases, and his unite [heroic] move seeing nerfs. Several other characters had midrange balance sweeps, including buffing underpicked talents while nerfing popular ones. A few are getting nothing but bug fixes, like Wigglytuff, Ninetails, Gardevoir, and Cramorant.

The Pokemon Unite patch is set to go live on August 18 at 7:00 UTC.

Pokemon Unite patch details

  • Bug Fixes
  • Text Fixes
  • Shop Updates

Changes are being made to some Pokémon stats and moves to adjust the balance of Unite Battles.

Stealth Rock:

  • Cooldown reduced.
  • Damage dealt to opposing Pokémon increased.

Rock Tomb:

  • Damage dealt to opposing Pokémon increased.

Movement speed changed.


  • Damage dealt to opposing Pokémon increased.

Dragon Rush:

  • Cooldown reduced.


  • Duration of effects on opposing Pokémon decreased.


  • Bug Fixes
  • Damage dealt to opposing Pokémon increased.

Heavy Slam:

  • Damage dealt to opposing Pokémon decreased.


  • Duration of effects on opposing Pokémon decreased.


  • Move Upgrade

Unite Move: Power Nap

  • HP restoration decreased.


  • Move Downgrade
  • Cooldown lengthened.

Water Shuriken:

  • Cooldown reduced.
  • Damage dealt to opposing Pokémon increased.

Double Team:

  • Cooldown reduced.

Unite Move: Starlight Recital

  • Bug Fixes

Basic Attack:

  • Bug Fixes

Alolan Ninetales
Snow Warning:

  • Bug Fixes

Aurora Veil:

  • Bug Fixes

Basic Attack

  • Bug Fixes


  • Bug Fixes


  • Bug Fixes

Wild Pokémon

  • Stat Decrease

Battle Items
Eject Button

  • Stat Decreases


  • Stat Increases

Fluffy Tail

  • Stat Increases

X Attack

  • Stat Increases