Polybius is heading to PC


Lost relic my ass

Earlier this month, Polybius finally stopped being an urban legend and became a game on PS4. While there is more than likely not an actual arcade cabinet that drove people insane, the story behind the legend is a cool bit of urban mythology that lingers around from the time period before the Internet ruined everything. It was a game of telephone gone horribly wrong (or right).

While I doubt Jeff Minter took the name to quell the mystery behind the myth, it obviously drew awareness to his game. Thankfully, it ended up being a great game, but it was stuck on PlayStation VR and many people didn’t want to shell out $400 just to try a game. Now, you won’t have to, as Polybius is making the jump to PC with a traditional mode and VR support.

@Jolt_Zekrom yep works without VR too 🐂

— Jeff Minter (@llamasoft_ox) May 26, 2017

There doesn’t seem to be any confirmation of a release date or which VR headset is supported, but more platforms for games is always a good thing. Hopefully Minter doesn’t get caught up in corporate BS again, which has prevented some of his other games from leaping to PC.

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