Portable 'Steamboy' Steam machine coming late 2016


$300 pre-sale price

Do you have $300 and less cents? Want to replace that Nvidia Shield that catches fire and is basically a big ‘ol Ouya? The first batch of “Steam machines” — computers with living room form factors meant to rival traditional game consoles — is launching November 10.

The “Steamboy” — now “The Smach Zero,” I know — will go on sale the same day for $300, but will not launch until the following year, at which point it may sell for more money than the $300 pre-sale price.

Smach’s Steamboy is, “the first handheld console to play Steam games on the go, handling “more than 1,000 games” day one. It runs Steam OS, has 4 GB of RAM, a 720p touchscreen, HDMI output, Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity, and 32 GB internal storage (plus SD card slot).

Neat idea, but I only play handhelds at home. I feel like I’m not entirely alone, there.