Posters labelled #GamerGate insulting Anita Sarkeesian surround E3


Multiple posters on every street

[Update: It seems these posters were created by a group known as “Unsavoury Agents”. The group frequently create art designed to turn groups against each other and cause public anger. The group is also known to place razor blades underneath these posters to cause harm to those who try to remove them. Reports on whether this happened with the Sarkeesian posters are mixed. The posters appear to have been created to cause discourse and upset during E3. Many of the posters have been removed since this morning when they appeared].

[Update 2: Reports sent to us claiming that the group placed razor blades under their posters have been difficult to source. While these reports were made to us, we have been unable to verify them ourselves and investigation physically conducted around E3 yesterday suggest that this did not occur, at least in the case of yesterday’s posters]

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Popping up all around E3 this morning are a series of posters aimed at attacking feminist video game critic Anita Sarkeesian. Walking to the convention this morning I saw over a dozen of the posters in just a few minutes. The background of the posters features #GamerGate written repeatedly in light grey text.

Whether you personally like or dislike Sarkeesian’s work, nobody should have to see this number of hateful posters targeting them at an event designed to celebrate a shared interest. I know that if these posters were aimed at me I would feel incredibly uncomfortable.

Important to note, we do not know for certain who posted these posters, which are affixed in such a way that they cannot be removed without being scraped off with a chisel. We do know that the posters are covered in #GamerGate, which is the banner of a leaderless, fractured online movement.