PowerA is releasing some incredibly stylish Switch Pro controller alternatives


Zelda and Mario themes!

While the Switch has plenty of options for playing games with various controller configurations, the official peripherals are ridiculously expensive. A single joy-con costs $50 and the Pro Controller costs a ridiculous $70. You could buy another game (or two) with prices like that! It’s fallen on third party companies to make some awesome alternatives and PowerA has stepped up to the plate.

Officially licensed by Nintendo, these new pair of controllers come in at $29.99 each and have a removable USB cable for charging or playing wired and interchangeable joysticks. The two designs being offered are based on Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey; they also look incredibly sexy and more like the Xbox One pad than the Switch Pro Controller.

These controllers will be releasing on October 23 (just a few days before Mario Odyssey) and you can nab pre-orders for them on Amazon. Seeing as how Nintendo isn’t manufacturing these, you’ll probably be able to actually reserve one without resorting to scalpers. I’ve gotta say, I’m very tempted to nab these and I don’t even really play my Switch in docked mode; I just love those designs.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild And Super Mario-Themed Controllers Revealed For Switch [Siliconera]