Pre-owned Playstation 3 also on sale for $89 at GameStop


Sell all the pre-owned things

It looks like pre-owned and last-gen consoles are on the menu this week at GameStop. In clearing out their warehouse, GameStop has PlayStation 3 Super Slim 500GB console on sale for only $89.99. Currently we’re spotting units in black, red, and white color.

These deals are online only so they’re sending them out straight from GameStop warehouses (versus local stores). Just a note that while these systems are pictured with a vertical stand, it’s actually NOT included.

If your old system is on the fritz, or you need another system for the gaming room, this is a good option without paying for the price of a new console (which is still at about $149 for a new PS3 Super Slim).

Just a note that while we’ve seen PS3 Slim 160GB models on sale for around this price point – this is the lowest we’ve seen 500GB units at and they are probably one of the more “newer” PS3 models you can buy online right now.