Prepare for Habitrail Hell, Overwatch's hamster hero is available now on PTR


Rock and roll and roll and roll

Blizzard have just uploaded two videos revealing a plethora of new details on the latest addition to the Overwatch roster. Not only that, but the crazed critter is already live and available to play on the Overwatch PTR server!

Our new hamster friend Hammond, nicknamed “Wrecking Ball”, is indeed the fabled missing Lunar Colony specimen, having hitched a ride to Earth on fellow roster member Winston’s escape pod. Landing in Junkertown, where he converted his pod into a battle-mech, Wrecking Ball made a name for himself in gladiatorial combat, no-one knowing the reality of the tiny creature housed inside the monstrous contraption.

Hammond is described as “conniving” and “mischievous” and is blessed with super-intelligence and battle-smarts. Although he doesn’t speak a word of the human tongue, Hammond’s mech translates his squeaks into English in a terrifying tone. As a Tank hero (naturally) Wrecking Ball can boulder through maps with ease and is even equipped with a grappling claw to reach high places and swing over gaps, landing in a devastating special known as Piledriver.

When not on the go, Wrecking Ball becomes a bipedal death machine, laying waste to all and sundry with dual machine guns and an adaptive shield. Guy sounds like an absolute nightmare, frankly. Wrecking Ball’s Ultimate, Minefield, scatters the area with high-damage proximity explosives. Clearly this is one hamster not to be fucked with.

If you want to check out the new furry fiend, then jump onto the Overwatch PTR, where Wrecking Ball is ready to be taken for a spin. Better stock up on sesame seed bars and those little coloured wooden blocks.