Pretty good Halo marketing, Microsoft


Credit where it’s due

A few days ago, Microsoft had a Halo 5mural painted on a building in London. This video shows the creation process. It’s nice, as these things tend to be — at least as nice as possible when it’s Master Chief’s head splayed across three stories.

Sometime since then, hopefully in the thick of the night, someone “vandalized” it. The word “Traitor” is now scrawled on it in giant red letters. You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain, I guess.

The second half of this marketing stunt injects a nice dose of augmented reality. Last week, an ad was released that mourned the death of Master Chief. At the time, there was speculation that it was really ONI covering up for the Spartan going rogue. That looks to be the case as in-game humanity has used real-life humanity to express its displeasure with Benedict Chief.

Halo 5 London Mural – “Traitor” [reddit]