PSA: PlayStation Mobile shutting down tomorrow


It’s now or never

In case you ever considered purchasing a PlayStation Mobile game, the time to act is now.

Sony is shutting down the service tomorrow, July 15, after which point consumers will no longer be able to purchase any new content. That means this is your last opportunity to pick games like Tokyo Jungle Mobile before they disappear forever (or maybe get released elsewhere).

If you already have PSM games or acquire new ones before Sony closes the portal, you will need to download them to your PlayStation Vita, Xperia phone, or Sony tablet by September 10.

After September 10, PSM users will no longer be able to re-download previously purchased content.

You will also need to renew your licenses to authenticate your device before September 11. If you don’t, your games will be rendered unplayable. Here’s the process (on Vita) to avoid that cruel fate:

Go to[Settings] > [PSN] > [System Activation] > [PlayStationMobile] > [Activate] > [OK].

Sony asserts it will not provide refunds for any content that is lost. Welcome to the bleak, dystopian future of digital distribution. You don’t actually own anything and it could all disappear at any time.