PSA: Twitch Prime is about to offer nine more free months of Switch Online


’60 days as Prime following your first claim’

As a reminder, Nintendo and Twitch Prime teamed up on March 28 to provide Prime subscribers with three free months of Switch Online immediately. Following a 60-day period of staying subscribed to Prime, you’d then gain access to nine more months of the Switch Online service, making for a full year of Switch Online. Wait 60 days from March 28? That’s (counts on hand), today!

At some point this week, Twitch Prime should flip that switch and you’ll gain access to the second part of the promotion.Remember that this whole shebang is restricted to individual accounts (no family plans). Also, you may or may not be able to actually access it soon, as the timer runs for “60 days after your first claim,” so if you didn’t do it day one you have a bit to go. As a reminder, you have until September 24 to actually subscribe to Twitch Prime and take advantage of it all.

Note that this isn’t a doorbuster deal, and it shouldn’t be the only reason you subscribe to Amazon/Twitch Prime. A year of Switch Online (the individual membership available in this promo) is $19.99. Even if you spring for the $119.99 annual Amazon/Twitch Prime cost, you’re paying roughly $9.99 for Prime each month (it’s $12.99 monthly if you don’t go annual). It’s more of an extra.

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