PSA: When leveling in FFXIV Endwalker this weekend, join a Free Company and eat food


Every little bit helps

While leveling in FFXIV Endwalker, every little bit helps. So make sure you join a free company and eat some food as you start your journey this weekend to level 90. Whether you’re new or it’s been a while, never forget the power of a few percentage points of experience.

Join a Free Company

Joining a Free Company (read: what the game calls guilds), also known as an “FC,” will allow you to benefit from “The Heat of Battle,” which is a guild-wide buff that grants all members extra experience (5% more) when active. Now it’s not automatically applied, as your guild will need to actually activate it, but 99.9% of guilds that are recruiting will be using it at the start of the Endwalker expansion.

If you don’t have a Free Company, just head to a town — people will actively shout for recruitment, and players will notice that you’re not part of an FC and pester you with DMs anyway. You can also look for recruitment posts in looking-for-group menus, though your mileage may vary.

A lot of Free Company leaders don’t care if you join temporarily and leave after you hit the level cap: so if you’re worried, just ask them if it’s OK.

Eat food and stay fed

When leveling in FFXIV Endwalker, it doesn’t matter what food you eat if you want a basic XP boost. It can be the basic food that you get from any vendor, gulped in stacks, or the new food that you’ll pick up as part of the main story quest or via player crafters. Whether it’s shiny new auction house grub or the cheap stuff, it’ll grant you the same 3% XP boost, regardless of the other stats it may provide.

Keep an eye out for the food buff at the top of your screen and get used to keeping it active.

When logging off, make sure it’s in a sanctuary

This one is easy to remember, but I’ll remind you anyway. Whenever it’s time to take a break or head to bed, log out in a “sanctuary” area to get a classic World of Warcraft style “rested XP” buff boost.