PSN ID changes are finally live for everyone on PS4, here's how to do it


Here we go

One long (like, very long) requested feature is finally coming to the PS4 later today: PSN ID changes. You may recall several months ago that Sony enabled it, but that was only for PlayStation preview members. Now, it’s live for all PS4 owners.

Anyway, it’s such a big deal that Sony made an entire blog post about it, after all the preview program feedback, to guide people through it. As Sony subtly reminds us the backend is kind of a mess, so the only games guaranteed to support the ID change are ones published “after April 1, 2018.” Anything before that might not work or cause various issues, though Sony says that “most actively played PS4 games” will be fine.

Wild right? Side effects for non-supported titles include (cue soothing music) “a non-visible PSN ID, lost progress, bugged games, and “losing access to content.” These issues are plainly explained on the official PlayStation Blog and exist out of the test/staging area, so it’s a very much “at your own risk” sort of deal. Comb over that list just in case!

If you want to change your ID on your console just go to your PS4’s settings, account management, account information, profile, and online ID. After that it should be pretty self explanatory. You can also do it online. Again, there’s other provisos. After the first free hit, and similar to other services, it’ll cost 10 bucks for the privilege; but PS Plus members get a discount of five dollars for subsequent alterations. Thankfully, reverting back to an old ID is free, and you still claim it even if you give it up.

That’s nice (mainly because your original ID still exists due to this crazy PSN structure), but the whole “losing progress or content” thing definitely isn’t.

Online ID Change on PSN: Your Questions Answered [PlayStation Blog]