PUBG is going offline today as it implements a huge new update


Update 12 is almost here

PUBGplayers in the United States will have to make new dinner plans tonight because chicken isn’t on the menu. PUBGon PC is going temporarily offline for planned maintenance, which is scheduled to take four hours — between 7pm and 11pm Pacific.

The reason for the downtime is so that developer PUBG Corp can implement Update 12. The contents of this patch have been live on the test server since last Thursday. After a relatively quick testing period, they’re being added to the full game.

There are a handful of new items that Update 12 introduces. The most important one is probably the SLR, which is a marksman rifle that’s more powerful and more unwieldy than the SKS. There are also 3x and 6x scopes, a bunch of new grips, and a muscle car.

However, some of the most substantial changes to PUBGconcern existing items. Almost every weapon has been slightly buffed or nerfed (here’s the complete breakdown), and the widespread effect is that assault rifles do less damage and submachine guns do more damage. Also, level 3 helmets can now be found exclusively in airdrops.

There are a lot of tweaks, but there’s one major feature that players will find affects their experience the most. Update 12 adds the ability to pick which map you want to play. Plenty of people have strong feelings about the desert-set Miramar. Now, they’ll be able to ostensibly revert to the Early Access days by only queueing Erangel.

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