PUBG's third map and War Mode are debuting on Xbox soon



PUBG‘s console home is on Xbox, so it makes perfect sense that Microsoft would spend some time in its E3 press conference to point out the advancements it’s making through the Preview program.

The Xbox version of PUBGwill soon get the Sahnok map. This is the 4×4 kilometer map that’s made to focus on quicker matches and more frequent encounters. It hasn’t officially launched on PC yet, but it has had plenty of testing weekends on the experimental server.

Also, Xbox will be getting War Mode sometime soon. War Mode is an alternative mode that’s essentially deathmatch for PUBG, instead of the battle royale formula that made the game popular.

However, the most interesting news came in the form of a teaser. The closing seconds of the PUBGsection showed someone trekking through the snow with “Winter 2018” stinger. All indications are that the game’s fourth map will be arctic. It’s rather remarkable that this map will debut on Xbox seemingly around the time it’s being introduced to PC.