Quake re-release adds new Horde Mode and Honey add-on


Horde and Honey are here for Quake

The remaster/re-release of the original Quake from NightDive Studios is still getting new content. Bethesda announced that Update 2 is out today and contains both a new Horde Mode and the Honey add-on, alongside some other new improvements to good ol’ Quake.

In a Bethesda blog, the publisher breaks down what’s all in the update. The Horde Mode added to Quake today is a new experience designed by MachineGames, letting one to four players or bots take on waves of enemies together. There are multiple difficulty levels, four new maps specifically designed for Horde play, and even boss monsters that let you unlock new weapons and items.

And for the solo players out there, Quake is also adding the Honey add-on. MachineGames senior level designer Christian Grawer created Honey, a trip through a village with a sinister secret. Originally released years ago, it’s getting added back in as an add-on for Quake. Much like the add-ons for the Doom re-releases, these seem simple enough to boot up and play, so you get to enjoy some new Quake content like its 1996 all over again.

As time has rolled on, it’s been nice seeing these classics of PC gaming past get so much attention. The Quake re-release left a strong impression on us, and even outside Bethesda, companies like EA have gone back to their vaults for some PC gaming revivals. Plus, the addition of new content really shows how timeless some of these games are.

Other improvements to Quake include text chat and push-to-talk support in pre-game lobbies, crosshair color and type options, and improved auto-aim to reduce the amount of snapping and view-locking. If you still needed an excuse to play some Quake, well, take this as your cue.