Rainbow Six Mobile to bring pocket-sized sieges to phones



Rainbow Six Siege is one of the finest shooters in the genre’s history. It just is. I don’t make the rules. And the tactical multiplayer title is renowned for its scalpel-precise, recon-heavy, itchy trigger finger mentality, one that sets it apart from some of the more chaotic and arcade examples of the FPS genre.

Siege‘s method has won over millions upon millions of players, and publisher Ubisoft is now looking to bring that same intense experience to small screens everywhere, with the announcement of Rainbow Six Mobile, a literal pocket-sized edition of Rainbow Six Siege, currently in development for iOS and Android platforms. Check out the reveal trailer below to see the game in action.

As you can see, (and unfortunately hear), Rainbow Six Mobile is hoping to replicate the intense 5v5 action of its bigger brother, albeit in handheld form. Rainbow Six Mobile will feature key elements of the Siege meta, including Attacker vs. Defender gameplay, drones, operator abilities, destructible environments, booby traps, wall reinforcements, and much more besides. It’s a pretty mammoth and ambitious task, and that’s before you even consider transitioning Siege‘s twitchy, pixel-precise gameplay to touchscreen controls.

Ubisoft has not offered a release window for Rainbow Six Mobile, but has noted that the game will eventually roll out as a free-to-play release. In addition, the developer has allayed concerns that the development of R6M will reduce focus on the original Rainbow Six Siege, telling the community that the original dev squad remains committed to the original version of Siege, currently in its first season of its seventh year.

Rainbow Six Mobile is in development for iOS and Android devices. For more details or to sign up for the pre-release beta, visit the brand new website.