Rainbow Six Siege beta delayed six days before game launch


This can’t be good

The open beta for Rainbow Six Siegeisn’t kicking down any doors yet. Despite being scheduled to being today at 10am Eastern, it’s not available to play. Ubisoft has delayed it because of technical issues.

Specifically, as Ubisoft outlines on its forums, game sessions are not starting properly which is leading to failed connections on all platforms. The developer says that it has isolated the problem and is working on a fix. It anticipates that the beta will finally get underway sometime later today.

Normally, this wouldn’t be much of an issue, but the full retail version of Rainbow Six Siegereleases on December 1 — just six days from now. These snags don’t exactly inspire confidence in a smooth launch for the multiplayer-only title. Predictably, Ubisoft doesn’t see it that way; “We are confident the game will work as intended since the known issue will be fixed soon. Therefore the launch will not be impacted by this issue,” it asserts.

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