Rainbow Six Siege gets frigid for its first free map


Black Ice

As classics such as The Thingand Alien vs. Predatorhave taught us, people get hurt when the temperature goes down. Rainbow Six Siegeis already about hurting people (killing them, in fact!), so the game’s first free expansion will just ensure that everyone gets the smackdown that’s comin’ to them.

Ubisoft is running a post-launch campaign for Rainbow Six Siegethat’s largely predicated on free maps so as to not fracture the user base. The first of four content packs releases today with OperationBlack Ice, featuring the map “Yacht” and two new operators: Buck and Frost.

Those two operators, Canadian special operatives fighting men, will be available for everyone to unlock through gameplay on February 9. However, season pass holders automatically get them today. The other interesting component of this update is a spectator camera for custom games.

Rainbow Six Siegeplayers have already destroyed the likes of houses, banks, and planes several times over. Put on a down jacket, and this cold-ass yacht will feel right at home.