Rainbow Six Siege is getting a range of skins designed by Ikumi Nakamura


The Evil Within’s horror queen lends her talents

Designer and artist Ikumi Nakamura – known for her work on Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within as well as her memorable E3 2019 appearance – has been working with the Rainbow Six Siege developers to design a set of custom skins for several Team Rainbow operators.

Nakamura hand-picked eight doorkickers from the tactical shooter’s near 60-strong roster, each of which will be blessed with her unique, mythical, horror-heavy aesthetic. While the full list of operators featured is yet to be revealed, a new video shows that Korean defender Dokkaebei and Japan’s Echo and Hibana are among those set to receive a new Nakamura design. The first skins will arrive on March 2.

The Ikumi Nakamura collaboration was announced today as part of a huge showcase of information pertaining to Rainbow Six Siege‘s sixth year of content. Also revealed this weekend were details related to new season Operation Crimson Heist, a Resident Evil crossover, and plans to evolve the popular shooter’s gameplay mechanics, ensuring Rainbow Six Siege remains locked ‘n’ loaded as it enters a whole new generation of gaming.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crimson Heist launches March 16.