Rainbow Six Siege PC standard edition held as digital only hostage


Want a physical copy on PC? Collectors editions only for you

[Update: According to Ubisoft, the standard edition of Rainbow Six Siege for PC will be available physically at retail locations in the United States.]

Standard editions of games are fun. They allow you to get the game for the lowest possible price without any additional bells and whistles attached. They’re the default way to buy a game, aren’t they?

As it turns out, not always. We learnt this morning thanks to retailer ShopTo that the standard edition of Rainbow Six Siege will be digital only, with the only version of the game able to be bought physically being the collector’s edition.

So, are you bothered by this? Is there any good reason to put out a big bulky collectors edition at retail but not the game by itself? I know I get all of my games digitally already but this news still seems to be a bit weird.