Rare Replay adds 'modern controls' for Jet Force Gemini


It’s no longer damn near impossible

I hope you’re enjoying Rare Replay. I’ve been methodically playing Trouble in Paradise while also mixing in some of the Nintendo 64 games I missed originally. Blast Corps is one. It’s so much fun! Jet Force Gemini is another. It’s a reminder that control schemes have come a long way.

To play Jet Force Gemini using an Xbox One gamepad, you first need to unlearn years spent playing shooters with dual analog sticks. It’s essentially backwards. Or, it was — Rare released an update that lets players invert aiming and/or enable “modern controls.” There’s still some N64-era weirdness to overcome, particularly with strafing, but the game is far more enjoyable now.

I’m hopeful this patch is a sign of things to come, both in terms of fixes (I’ve heard complaints about Conker’s Bad Fur Day, too) and also potentially adding more games to the collection.