Reality-bending puzzler Superliminal is headed to PS4 in 2020


A question of perspective

Earlier today, during Sony’s State of Play presentation, it was announced that Pillow Castle Games’ lateral-thinking puzzler Superliminal will be landing in the PS4 in 2020, following on from its release on PC back in November.

Superliminal is a unique, illusory adventure that presents the player with numerous problems, all of which must be overcome with some clever use of forced perspective. The player must manipulate items within the environment in all dimensions, creating steps, ladders, destructive tools and even exits themselves. You can check out the trailer below for a better example of the game’s unusual, but devilishly smart concept.

Superliminal will arrive on PS4 at somepoint in 2020, and is available on PC via Epic Games Store today. For further info, check out our own Brett Makedonski’s review right here.