Here's a recap of the 2022 Yacht Club Games Presents stream


Mina the Hollower was the big reveal

Yacht Club Games Presents kicked off yesterday, and delivered a full Nintendo Direct-style stream that revealed a new game, alongside of updates for old ones. Here’s a recap.

Mina the Hollower is now on Kickstarter

As you may have heard, Yacht Club Games has announced their first non-Shovel Knight game in…forever. It’s a “60 FPS Game Boy Color homage,” with strong themes of Link’s Awakening. It’s on Kickstarter right now with a late 2023 intended release date.

You can find this portion of the stream here.

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon is getting a free update and DLC

A free update is coming to the existing Pocket Dungeon game, which just recently launched. It includes control over “how fast the board fills up when you fall in battle” (likely a heavily requested feature to make things easier), multiplayer tips, new portraits, and more transparency for the CPU level. It’s also launching three DLC packs eventually with online vs, mod support, and new characters, enemies, bosses, items, and secrets.

You can find this portion of the stream here.

Scrap Knight boss Shovel Knight Dig screenshot

Shovel Knight Dig is “in the final stages of development”

The studio teased a new area (Grub Pit), and noted that Shovel Knight Dig is “nearing completion.”

You can find this portion of the stream here.

Cyber Shadow is on sale for its one-year anniversary

We’re not getting new content for Cyber Shadow per se, but it is one year old now, and it’s 30% off on Switch, Xbox One, and Steam. The sales vary a bit, with Switch and Steam on sale now and running through February 15, and the Xbox sale will commence on February 8 and run through February 14. The soundtrack is on Bandcamp, too.

You can find this portion of the stream here.

If you’d rather just check out the entire 12-minute stream yourself, you can find it below.

Yacht Club Games Presents (February 1, 2022):