ReCore is definitively getting a Definitive Edition


Now 100% less broken

From out of nowhere, Microsoft has put up a listing for ReCore Definitive Edition on its website. We kind of knew this was happening since March, but the lack of a formal announcement is surprising. If you’re interested, you can now pre-order the all-in-one package for $19.99, which comes with the “Eye of Obsidian” adventure and a “T8-NK” Corebot frame (originally planned to be in the game). Along with the extra content, the game will also officially support HDR on compatible televisions and monitors, so it should look extra pretty!

This “new” version will be launching on August 29 and will still feature cross-buy support if you go the digital route. I’m mainly surprised that the extra content for this game isn’t coming as standalone DLC for previous owners of the base game. While $20 isn’t the worst price in the world, what was the point of buying the game early? I know that can be said of any re-release, but usually DLC get released to expand the game if you just cannot wait.

It also doesn’t help that ReCore was launched in a state that felt very incomplete. Releasing anything that has “Definitive” on the label after such a launch comes off like a slap in the face, especially since fans that put up with the crappy initial state of the game are getting boned.

ReCore Definitive Edition Officially Confirmed, Price Revealed [WCCFTech]