Red Ash returns to crowdfunding for more cash


Studio 4℃ wants to make the anime longer

Mega Man Legends wannabe Red Ash needs more money. No, not the game. Keiji Inafune and company already secured a publisher prior to the project failing to meet its lofty Kickstarter goal.

Animation group Studio 4°Cis making a film based on the same characters, and while its crowdfunding efforts proved more successful than Comcept’s, the$162,882 it raised on Kickstarter was apparently only enough to fund roughly the first twelve minutes of footage.

Studio 4°Chopes to give the movie a longer runtime, though, and is using its own platform make up the difference (another $260,000) for a 30-minute film. So maybe go fund that. Or don’t. Whatever.

Red Ash: Magicicada [Studio 4℃ ]