Red Dead Online is doling out massive currency bonuses this weekend


For pretty much every mode

Red Dead Online (included in Red Dead Redemption 2) is trying to entice people to come back again with another buffed reward event similar to Call of Duty‘s Double XP weekends.

You’ll get 1.5 times the amount of gold and RDO$ (as the currency is called), so long as you play any showdown, race, or gun rush mode (that includes plunder, which was just added to the game). Land of opportunities and free roam also boast bonuses. Is it enough to bring you back though? Maybe not.

Red Dead Onlinehas been in a contentious spot for many since launch. For one thing the shadow of GTA Onlineis just massive, and people already have called that world (that already outranks RDO) their home for many years. Rockstar also experimented with high-priced microtransactions that turned away many players before they could alter them, and weirdly…Red Dead Onlineis still in “beta” form where things are subject to change.

Given that Red Dead Redemption 2is such a massive game that people are still experiencing new events in, rushing RDOout of the gate probably wasn’t necessary.

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