Relax and ponder your life choices with these 'Arcade Sofas'


Put it next to your Racecar bed

Decades of playing video games slumped in chairs and beds all but obliterated my developing spinal column. Thank you WWF No Mercy. If you want to be like me, an “Arcade Sofa” might be just what you need.

Manufactured by French company Harow, the Arcade Sofa is a hefty piece of furniture designed to recall the classic cabinet designs of yore. Each sofa measures in at 125 cm x 110 cm x 150 cm and weighs around 120lbs. They have around twenty “imagined” designs to choose from, all emblazoned with art from various video game and other pop culture franchises.

The sofas are made from recycled wood and steel, and furnished in velvet. They are bespoke items, and can be made-to-order to fit your space requirements.

There is no price listed. I assume something this large and custom doesn’t come cheap. It seems you’ll have to contact Harow themselves if you’re interested in making your home look like a child’s bedroom.

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