Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days gets a 'cinematic' trailer and release date


I’m gonna slap you like a bitch

If you’re eager to dive into the world of Tarantino’s breakout hit, then today’s news should be big for you. Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days will be releasing on May 18 for PC and Steam (which is the same thing, no?). While an exact price isn’t on the table just yet, you can get a quick look at the game with a new trailer. It is a “cinematic” trailer, no less.

While the game looks fine and all, I don’t really know how this applies to Reservoir Dogs. Wasn’t that film about a failed heist and the ramifications of betrayal? Can I have one of my team members be the police informant on the team? Also, why are everyone’s legs so skinny?

If you take nothing else away from this trailer, just know that you shouldn’t skip leg day. It is important to maintain unity with your muscles, lest you fall over like an idiot while trying to lift something.