Resident Evil 4 HD Project has a final trailer, so get ready for another replay


What’re you up to? Double digits?

It’s (almost) here! For several years now, we’ve covered the fan-made Resident Evil 4 HD Project, and every time, the article basically just boils down to the author (usually me) and readers (usually you) gushing about the quality of the restoration work that has gone into this thoughtful PC mod, as well as our excitement about revisiting RE4 in general. Welp, you better plan on squeezing in a replay in February — the 1.0 version of the Resident Evil 4 HD mod is out on February 2, and here’s a final trailer to pump us up even further.

The release date was a major milestone, but there’s nothing quite like seeing the vision come together with a fresh trailer carrying the word “final.” Let’s savor this, okay?

While a little long-winded for a trailer in the modern age where trailers tend to recap themselves in the first few seconds before showing the “real thing,” I’m not complaining.

The cheesy music is pitch-perfect. And even if it’s more of a comprehensive reminder of how great Resident Evil 4 is rather than a technical side-by-side glow-up comparison, if you’ve been following this project even in passing, you know that the creators, Albert and Cris, have gone above and beyond to improve the visual fidelity without overstepping beyond Capcom’s original vision for this legendary game. Nitpickers can chill for once.

7 años de desarrollo para crear Resident Evil 4 HD Project. He podido probarlo a fondo, y es el mejor trabajo de remasterización que he visto. Increíble dedicación que ha mostrado @re4hdproject creando este mod. Felicidades.


— El Analista de Bits (@analistadebits) December 3, 2021

Having been down this road again, and again, and again, it’s awesome to see this highlight reel. The fiery catapult assault with a sniper rifle? The high-score-chasing desperation of Mercenaries’ Water World level? The village, period? I distinctly remember what it feels like to play through every last morsel, and I’m not sure that feeling will ever slip away.

It’ll be interesting to stack this mod up against Capcom’s RE4 remake one day.

Depending on who you ask, February is a terrifically or horrifically busy month for new game releases, to say nothing of the fairly recent, very excellent Resident Evil 4 VR version for Quest owners. That said, it’s freakin’ Resident Evil 4 HD — it’s not worth glossing over.

You’ll just need Resident Evil 4 on Steam to play. Naturally, the mod will be free.