Resident Evil Village: How to solve the flood gate puzzle


Ah good old color squares

As always, I’m going in as spoiler-free as possible. I’m not even telling you where this floodgate is in Resident Evil Village, or what you’re doing with it!

Also note that the puzzle image below is how it looks when you walk in the room. The solution is embedded in a link. And the header image isn’t even related/in the same area!

The puzzles in Resident Evil Village aren’t that difficult (and are few and far between), but this is a puzzle nonetheless, and it might stump some people for a bit. That’s probably why you’re here!

Anyway, notice how this puzzle board is a series of squares, in a 3×3 pattern? You basically just need to match up the scrap of paper with the board itself. As a twist, the paper is actually tilted to the side, so you need to just flip it and match it up. You’ll get a green light confirmation and a beep when you’re doing it correctly.

You can also use the solution here, which has the twisted paper in plain view to show the concept visually.